Our Services


1-on-1 Parent Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent? Do you find yourself worried and unsure about your role ? Sign up to work with an expert parenting coach. After an initial assessment meeting, we will develop a plan to improve your parenting and meet with you weekly at a convent location to implement it. Contact us to learn more and schedule your first session.



Do you or your company work with young children? Do your employees have access to continuing education? Do you provide certified parent education? Whether it is for your employees or your customers, our workshops are guaranteed to provide  up-to-date information on the parenting/child development topic of your choice. Our workshops are available in both English and Spanish and can be conducted at the location of your choice. Contact us to learn more and register.


24/7 Helpline

Get parenting support 24/7 for a low monthly payment.  Whether it is 3 am and your bundle of joy won’t stop crying or you are curious about stimulating play ideas, our helpline is here for you (both via email and phone call). Contact us to learn more and register.


Online courses

Interested in learning more about the neurological, emotional, and physical, development of your child? Curious about the science behind our professional strategies?. Taught by Dr. Sanchez, an award winning former university professor, our interactive 5 week courses delve deeply into  the theoretical framework behind successful child-rearing. Whether you are a parent, babysitter, or just curious, our courses will leave you intellectually satisfied and better equipped to care for a child. Contact us to learn more and register.

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Learning Communities

Does your organization work with preschoolers? Offer your parents the opportunity to become professional parents. With the help of our parent educator, we will work with you to create a self directed learning community that uses the knowledge and experiences parents already have to generate the tools they need to confront new challenges.  For more information and to register, Contact us now.

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Early Childhood Literacy Program

Did you know that over 40% of a child’s brain development occurs during their first five years of life? Did you that reading to children in their heritage language has been shown to increase their academic performance and improve their English language skills? If you have a child between 0-5 years old and would like to have one of our trained volunteers read with your child on a weekly basis, please contact us to learn more and register. If you would like to volunteer to read, please fill out our volunteer form or contact us.