Our Mission

We strive to empower parents of all backgrounds to raise confident, capable, and happy children. We believe that with the proper help, any parent regardless of education level, income, or upbringing can become a professional parent and unleash their child’s full potential. 


We have accrued over 28 years of experience working with families and young children.

Proven Methods

Based on the latest developments in adult learning theories, our methods are specially designed to teach parents of all sociocultural backgrounds.


Our highly trained professionals have backgrounds in health, education, and psychology with advanced degrees including masters degrees and PhDs.

“I find these workshops incredibly important because we [as parents] need a lot of help”

Who We are

We are a group of multicultural professionals dedicated to helping all children reach their full potential. With over 25  years of experience working in education, healthcare, and psychology respectively,  we have developed a holistic approach to working with families in general and parents in particular in order to foster healthy family dynamics. With the understanding that a child’s most important teachers are their parents, we commit to meeting any parent that wants to improve where they are and working with them until they achieve their goals. 

What we do

Working closely with the family, we identify the needs and desires of each family and determine which tools will best help their children develop. Next we develop an action plan with the parents, setting specific goals, and implement it. During the process, we continually evaluate our progress and adjust course as needed. 

LuzDalia Sanchez MD, MCP, PhD

Angela makepeace m. ed

Kristin Ferguson M. ED

katia lopez Petrovich M.S. NCC. ,LMFT

Camilo Castellanos, CTO

“I understand much more clearly my role as a mother and how to teach my children with love and patience…thank you very much”